Not sure where to start?

GARAGA offers three major styles that are each unique in its curb appeal and design: Traditional, Contemporary and Carriage.

Use our three styles to help you choose your garage door:


Classic look.
Timeless appeal.
Multi-paned windows.
Shutters and overlays tastefully used.


Bold and modern.
Simple, square lines.
Minimal overlays. No frills.
A couple of striking features.


Yesteryear beauty.
Elaborate overlays.
Dormer windows and large porches.
A wealth of charming details.

What gives GARAGA that competitive and unique edge?

On top of being built like a tank, GARAGA’s visual appeal stands out from both the exterior and interior of your home. You’ll get your money’s worth and feel pride with your investment as you can witness the door’s beauty inside and out. You choose Sandstone, and you see Sandstone from both sides. With this unique feature you’ll be able to experience the beauty of your selection from both the curb and inside the garage, a feature that sets GARAGA apart.